Monday, 22 April 2013


 it has pleased Nature that there should be nothing without its antidote
Man may escape from Rope and Gun;
 some have out liv'd the Doctor's Pill;
That Basilisk is sure to kill
That Basilisk is sure to kill

and kill,  not only the rider, but the horse as well.

I have collected the items to make a strength potion to pull the chain but dies itself
to open the metal door. But it won't let me. Any ideas how to defeat in this struggle of nature against its own self
This question has been asked b\t impossible to beat (not really,\ with subtle rule changes such as the lethality (or not) of contact with walls. Some do not include walls; in these, it is theoretically possible as art, literature, theater, and cinema, to kill

the basilisk once and for all.

"little king"

In silence working as consuming fire
Does everyone fight the same snake?

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