Friday, 21 September 2012


growing and spreading just as much as they are decaying and dying.

The present world also had a tenuous existence, The more you look at it, the more dangerous it becomes.

Teen girls dealing with the pressures of school, love and journalists 
requiring the supplication and offerings of periodic sacrifice 
We flow into each other, use, abuse, each other. 
We sacrifice to our gods, we are worshiped, we all eat and sleep. The gods need us. We all sleep sometime. 

I lie awake at night wondering 
Human sacrifice, agriculture, eating, reproduction, aging, death, fertilizing, growth and decay. 

, time is the movement of the infinite towards it’s own collapse.

from euphoria to dysphoria, from affirmation to negation.


The horrific sounds made by the "dark shadows" are really the sounds of babies, played at extremely slow speed

The flows are endless. There is no top, no bottom. We are all someones food. 

If only there were a misanthropy pure enough to become divested of its human shell. 
. We are all Bat-Gods to someone.

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