Thursday, 9 February 2012

With words, not writing

So I used to this this thing where I would drift through the internet, not directly reading, just letting sentences drift through me, and then occasionally something would hook me.
I would the copy/paste that into a document and keep searching , chasing that some feeling I got, until I had something that had feeling of cohesion to it. Kinda like what I like to with objects, so this is the 2d kludge witchery.
They were released as zine, titled "We invite the spectator to drown" (issues 1 to 4) and then later compiled together with a glee cartel album, "Cutup".
Here they are:

I loved this cartoon when I was a kid. It is almost never seen now

A large spider is killed with a machete.
A snake is killed with a machete.
A squirrel monkey has its face cut off with a machete.
A pig is kicked and then shot with a rifle.

Bosco, who apparently is a negro, gets shipwrecked on a cannibal island and barely escapes the cooking pot.

Grampy quickly builds a monkey-powered helicopter out of parts of the wrecked plane and the pair escapes before anyone goes into the pot

The little dog gets caked in mud, and the cannibals think he's a god. Betty does a sexu hula dance and everything is fine



realised what he really wanted was to live the reflective ... the main street looked pretty

            much like it does

Basal Cell & cursing fat,
faggot Chiefs, idiot agents and perverted thieves
I Am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra

Squamous Cell  another trip to see the next litter of puppies.
notions of artist and community to the model of the gunslinger reverses the transition from sacrifice to performance in the second stanza and
this shift as the site of the imperial self's fullest manifestation possibilities of immanence in magic as the vehicle of this appearance.
As I Am a Cowboy and You Are Imaginary
I am hairy, I am calm, when I'm mad I'm like a bomb.I have a name.
I write it down.
Neutral Ancient Grove Really Big Gun Chi Armoured in Life
I write it down.
I Am A Women Who Used Steroids And Lost A Precious Gift.

..M&M eyes and whipped cream hair I WAS NOT AWARE OF ANY RISK As they kissed their new animal friends good-bye,
wid de chrome an waa shine/Harry Toddler shot out ah bugger-man".

Here's the pilot himself! He's a happy little vengence-minded cockroach. He appears to "pull" the levers in sync with my footsteps.
The most important, the first revolution: the heart, the brain, against the soldier",
Look all around, Look on the ground, And you will never drown
I jumped over the wolves and looked at the wolf that the fire landed on.
I Am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra
You're a metal band around
my neck, and you suit me
so well.



The omniscient Uncle Spine answers all questions medical.From the day I was born, I began to learn my lessons.
. . . I learned it is possible. . . to pray at night and ride a Jim Crow car the next morning a I learned to believe in freedom, to glow when
the word democracy was used,
and to practice slavery from morning to night. I learned it the way all

piece in a puzzle of six. The drafts of a plan Shot into space like a bullet

Blow dart gunsIts teeth were arranged in a distinctive rosette at the end of its snout. stop the prevalence of abnormal birth
                         from prestigious non-accreditedbone fitting into a small cuplike area of another bone.

Uncle Spine answers  an important component of your self defense system,
Just get one today
and you'll be amazed to see how it raises your               self-esteem and confidence level. Hot Walkers are 1 pound walking weights with Pepper Spray inside.
The omniscient Uncle Spine answers all questions medical. Cleans with soap and water.

She is upset that I cannot have intercourse with her in creative positions, go on roller coasters
and walk in the ocean bladder voids, and I lose my erectionI've tried masturbation and get lots of spasms in my stomach, my bladder voids, and I lose my erection.
piece in a puzzle of six. The drafts of a plan Blades  Rute
Rute 202
Rute 303                                    Rute 404  Rute 505


octagon true unfirendly yes sword yes round octagon false unfirendly yes sword no
square octagon false unfirendly no sword no octagon ... In the case ofN classes C. ...
produce a clear attack and a pure sound without unwanted and excessive overtones.

rom your attitude
luv up Bob-Omb a
nd light up someone's world.  Shot into space like a bullet
ja Let Your Body Decide p‰rinˆineen ... - Jim Crow Spider-Man Klart godk‰nt n‰tsving!



through knowledge, wisdom and power.

The Animal That Has Walked With Me Nearly All My Life Has These clothes
are good to wear when-ever, where-ever and how-ever
It is lifestyle and attitude all day - everyday.
It is lifestyle and attitude all day - everyday.
It is to stand perched on the edge of the cascading moment, to roll the ball of dung into the sun.

storm clouds are tethered to the ground by ropes held by men
dancers carry car batteries to power         the
            blood was used in the paint
            of  dragons
            detailed surfaces with metal seams, hatches. rear machine gun             interior bomb racks

        Not even as you watch the stage being built...

Stroke & Coat
Bloody bitch on wheels

  screaming virago cuntface

SC-16 Cotton Tail
in the streets like ghosts
SC-24 Dandelion
SC-17 Cheeky Pinky
is large and serene.
SC-Four naked light bulbs hung in each corner

        even as you watch the stage being built...

Another strangled little "Yeah" and then a full blown assault on the tent
as he tried to find the opening.
Finally an arm, then a head, and then a leg, appeared from the tangled shell.


"I had to find my keys, or I'd be stuck here forever!" he gasped.

no electricity and people hate a burnt offering of sacrifice
Objects to overcome, erasing reality
they kill and burn, and you run if ever the Burmese come

     screaming virago cuntface
    in the dynamic of human trafficking1

            Solar Sun Hitter
because red is the color
the beast feared the most
whose end is his beginning... he endlessly eats his own tail


superstructure crushed underneath her, 90 feet below the surface

just as an arranger arranges a musical score for different instruments
and different voices

as empty a piece of work
as his entire úuvre...
Bring her the loveliest rose in the world; one
utterly hollow shortHalation or glowing fuzzy edges, as thoughwords ìthe sameî here are actually a grandiose repetition. A perfect second and a half.

.. p-quality numeric psychological exteriorization this ainítis a malapropism; the fonts are not self-naming,
flag Death does carry in the Tarot          Pressed Roses

  Red Tara

          Scythian Queens



What did you do today?


to the Horn Bookís Virtual History Exhibit


KOMMUNE > Barbar Gudimann
KOMMUNE > Barbar Gudimann

Racing The Ice To Cape Horn
.... Grasping at the Wind Chapter Eight

He said Gumbi did not leave a suicide note.

Because I am a Scout. And a Scout doesn't take anything for helping.

for everything go to hell, so I decided to be a good boy and use the Carbon managers for everything He raised the horn of a Greater Kudu I, too, am an educator, and because I am,
it will take more than

ìa spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down

fat shot between the eyes poked in every hole

You prick your finger, draw a little blood and ...

Use non-derisive words when speaking about child lovers.

Welcome to EatRaw
With bash, il get error: bash

Take a pigeon and put it in a launcher or just dizzy it good
Puppy survives knife trick
swallowing a kitchen knife the length of his body.
pocketknife, ties a tourniquet, and amputates his arm just below the elbow. He then rappels down 60 feet to the canyon floor and begins walking. He's been gone six days. A helicopter finds him and takes him to a hospital where walks into the emergency room and explains what happened.
"Aron Ralston is a warrior," says the Canyonlands park manager.
What did you do today?

every princess a sex symbol
By putting the high risk areas together, transformed Pinocchio into a slapstick sadistic revel.

The Horn Book League they minimized the space
The Horn Book League and therefore increased the chances
The Horn Book League of crew & vehicle survivability



one message comes through with laser-like clarity:
I'll be back soon. I promise.,

You cannot overestimate

unpaid guests * children * dogs * video cameras

"No Future Here."

I am interested in leaving a bequeathment. Please contact me.

When the plane hit at 350 miles an hour, the limestone layer shattered
dutifully, stopped to listen.
As I listened it began to be borne in on me
running water and sky,

You never see yourself so clearly as when you face your own death.

         We were both servicing commuters

-- my body's too small to be a container for this.

It don't see it, but I can see people around me seeing it in me.

eyeballs and teeth and mustaches.

To feel so helpless while a force travels to you from a distance, manipulating
your body is an experience I'll never forget.

dramatic results observed in uncontrolled demonstrations.
it was funny I
remember all the other kids looking at me because I had a black uniform on and
they all had white.

"When you're standing outside the front door, you can actually hear them from
outside. They're crunching. That's when you know it's going to be really bad."

flip over one card and determine the muck's fate

One of them said, "Like an arrow"; another said, "like a spring recoiling";

Which was the better baker?

Snakes kill green mucks only;
Owls kill white mucks only;
the Grim Reaper kills any muck;
    Crickets are good food, any muck survives.

Tally the genotype frequencies only for surviving mucks.
The other mucks are dead.

There is nothing more to fear. The masks and the dancing have fulfilled their
responsibilities and may be returned to the cave where they are kept--sa


I eat my entire
Tutorial on rotating shafts,
bearings, seals, out-of-balance systems,
     instability and condition monitorin...I was walking down the street yesterday, and lo and behold, there was a parade - for mePeople want me to win
bug blended with tart sweetness jHELLO I HAVE GOTTEN MY DREAM PIERCING!

typewritten haiku on a huge, naked page
rape the space between my teeth
ìBrown Crazy Charlieî
he was about 9-10 pounds of spectacular bonefish
.clocks run faster in Outside of one sentence

the sky we get too hot Upon our small and fragile spot
I Need To Grow Longer BonesEarthformed about four and a half billion years ago in a violent inferno of rock Jumping to a Conclusion With no inside penetration, the Wolves go up
Did you mean to search for: building time



picture of a cartoon doctor?    

    'Here is the tumor. It looks like a black hole.'

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2-week history of bloody diarrhea and auditory hallucinations.

I heard that it was pointed at Earth for awhile before it received its correction lens.

It is unfortunate that you cannot see the nice little drawing we had programmed for this foreign planet bloody marks of this coexistence on their rat-bitten bodies

July 31, 2001! Sorry it's blurry....

I want you to call me your builder, baby.
flaming oil at whatever's stopping me.

The debris trail of a comet as it passes through the solar system

The tradition of showing in public the bloodstained sheet after their first wedding night

Everything comes down to a question of risk versus benefit
Then they stop with a shudder, reverse, and begin their pointless traverse in the opposite direction.

Disclaimer: Andromeda is not mine
He looks at me in concern. "Wednesday, May 12th."



personal and social Farming

And the rocket nets appear to be safer
than the researchersí only other option
immobilizing drugs on piles of prepared bait.

"I'm running, I'm flying" and "Now my brains are being poked and scooped out
like chopsticks

clanking into a humid rice bowl".

and the war widows in blue burqas extending their hands for alms at every
street corner.

the list of titles on the right).

Restaurants open every week:
new Iranian kebab house is currently all the rage.

   The virt

filtered up to Kabul
the lawless south

ThTracey Cox,

like the real world users
-wasted and soaking

Oh, I advise caution getting out of the cars
its quite the step down to the floor.
We then exit through a plain black exit hallway
and back out onto the midway.
and if they are old and you spin pretty fast, that'd do it.
because that's getting rid of some of the fuel.
But now that the music has stopped, the loos cleaned
and the stage empty what next for Radio 1 in virtual worlds?

Band plans
events ripple out ms.

personal and social
Farming  menacing news

Wikipedia and The World Starts With Me

And the rocket nets appear to be safer than the researchersí only other
option - using

immobilizing drugs on piles of prepared bait.

improvement of culture and alleviation of suffering,

Real effect You don't shoot at turkeys, but if you hit the targets, turkeys
will appear.


An avatar of Chris Moyles dances in Second Life

the killing of two coalition soldiers. brutal motions.

I watched Physics outdoors

only to get between

real world events, would do much to enhance the ripples that resonate around


the humanization of technology, openness and inclusiveness, and the sheer
fun of making

things together.

Digital Communities can save lives,
bridge differences and the Digital Divide, mupeople seize the power that
technology provides

and wield it thoughtfully.

Some tried to express fear, but they didn't get as far as gesturing it. The

hadn't even dawned on them.


Afterwards, Bob convinced Mary to let the horned fungus beetle crawl around on her arm, and on her tits, etc. Which excited them again, so they did it again.They were much faster than she expected. Little streaks of yellow and white and their little red butts like so many tail lights as they scurried under the furniture.

protein translocation by the SecA s.

look for our unbearable poets

The smallest insects (a species of wasp, I think) can fly through the eye of a needle.

A species of West African termite (Macrotermes bellicosus) lives in a community of about 5,000,000 termites.

Mushroom Records and Sony Australia

dont understand this?? wat is the difference? the front skirt??
casually bitter stroller,
a roller with the strain,
gardens are recreations of natural scenes
The insect holds its forefeet in a position suggesting prayer.
where defective features of nature were eliminated and fair features alone were

I probably wouldn't shouldn't have stopped for that guy, but I kinda felt sorry for him
He had such a dopy, desperate look on his face as he ran." Jeremy asked me if I pray.Cell Phones in Airport.
I spent a total of 8 hours of my trip standing in lines in airports.
Jeremy made me laugh so hard I almost crashed the car.I am glad I did not buy an MP3 Jukebox.
Won $25 at Video Poker in the Los Vegas Airport.I think I have to send out Christmas Cards this year.One person said that TiVo might ruin society, I agreed with her. It was nice to see how Jeremy and Jeff live.
I now have a mental idea of the world Jeremy lives in.I asked Jeremy for a list of instrumental CDs. Watched Enterprise with Jeremy.On my last night in Chicago Jeremy made me laugh so hard that I almost crashed my rental car.
Jeremy and I talked about the worst albums we ever owned.

Karmic downpours, cosmic revelations. A huge big, meaty stew of lots of stuff.
If you're a criminal you prey on your victims. Incidentally,
it's "praying mantis," not "preying mantis."

it's missing a scene



"Wow!" That's what most people say when they enter our discus hatchery for
the first time

and our beautiful lilac and chocolate specialty colors.

Scene 1: 4 sec
scene 2: 4 sec
They only eat them at noon and in the evening
scene 3: 4 sec
scene 4: 4 sec
those that breed for greed should be stopped.
Scene 5: 4 sec
Scene 6: 4 sec
Scene 7: 4 sec
25 times last year!
Scene 8: 4 sec
Scene 9: 4 sec
specialty colors
Scene 10: 4 sec
Scene 11: 4 sec
for they are too fat.
Scene 12: 4 sec
Scene 13 :4 sec
As he says, "I am a clown and I collect moments."
Scene 14: 4 sec
Scene 15: 4 sec

Grand total 60 seconds.that is the reason why they are afraid to eat them,
that it makes one sleepy.
by: Steven Levenron.

It's about this girl who everybody thinks she has a perfect life but really,
she has a disorder. She's a cutter. She cut's herself all over her arm. Her
teachers starts to notice bloodstains on her shirt. EVERYONE SHOULD READ
THIS BOOK. BEST BOOK EVER. I read it like 25 times last year! later dudes
and dudettes!
p.s READ IT!
a simple romantic comedy that works
the processes that occur in a rat, for example

Can the latter feel humiliated, guilty, awe-struck or driven by a long term
Relationships are fascinating, aren't they?
We are free of HCM or PKD. I collect moments.
Relationships are fascinating, aren't they?

,and they do not stop until all the bones have been sucked out.
its own Air Force, its own Navy,
because they are very fat;
The truth Breeders



housing is a field with red ants, scorpions, snakes and where a goat lives.

Quite contrary to the popular belief that both of these goats represent the Messiah,
one goat to die and the other goat to live having carried off the sins of those that have repented,
it is seen that one goat is given to G-d but the other goat represents Satan.

But they don't understand that when he comes back, that these crazy greedy capitalistic men are gonna kill him again."

That wasn' really dirceted just to you ok, I love all humans, we must unite to advance our race.... the rate things are going, one day that bookcase will be tall enough to crush us all.

A child

A child

roaming the streets so wild

A child

A child

the truth is so vile

See how words are all Time payments
We are pee-po.
Is it only, as skeptics suggest, selective perception and the law of averages playing itself out?

The rest of this story made me laugh til I fell off the chair. We are pee-po. Bwhwahhahahah.

books just waiting to tip over and crush me one day. And one day it will.

No way did he say from whence you came. No. Way. Whence? WHENCE?! What next, wither art thou?

There has been nothing.

First of all, there just may be a possibility that all previously formulated systems are all right about what's going on here; but there may be a possibility as well that all previously formulated systems have somehow fallen short of their original intention, which is nothing. (If that is, was or will be the intention.) Nothing as far as formulation goes, nothing as far as manifestation goes, nothing in relation to nothing. And so on, ad infinitum, nothing. Without knowing nothing is said, without having to have nothing say, be, do or any other possibility, nothing.
It might even loop the world several times, crushing previous editions of the same Java books over and over again.

There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.
There has been nothing. Synchronicity  We are pee-po.


Monday morning fire

I wanna scream out loud......can you hear me?

how i can open

, the War Memorial

To flush it you pulled a chain.. I am talking here about a wholeness, a unity,  .  taxonomy: it's just the kind of thing you'd  name fire bellied toad psychopathological reasons for preventing the clarification
that joins the cistern and the pan

of tidal marshes the uselessness of distinguishing land from ocean

Gods for saftey fans.  The old ones would have cut her to ribbons

Father and son curled up on a drop cloth

the whole list on the drive down. Kaboom. Game over

"Are you alive? I thought you were dead I was coming to eat you I'm happy to see you

Creep them, creep them,
Creep them, creep them,
Right up to your chin.
Open up your smiling mouth,
But do not let them in.

The words rolling off your tongue.
How serene, how devoid
Of absolutely any sense.
Ah! The ease! The peace!
Of just those three magic words
Branded in the sky,
Hanging from the tree outside,
All I need do, is reach my hand out high.

Monday morning fire


i got stuck playing with this girl whose parents were in the congregation.
she had this crooked eye that was crossed all the time so you never knew
what she was looking at. . it had this ugly wallpaper with football players
all over it. i wanted to change it, be effective hole-hole interaction
mediated by the spin wave in the spiral phase of a doped antiferromagnet is
derived in the framework of the t'-t'-J model by using the Schwinger ional
system and how it needed to
i couldn't cos it wasn't my room,

it was God's room
The More Lipstick The Better ..

and he wanted football wallpaper.
your constantly friends
Abstract. Thbe rethought and redesigned, another thought struck me.

All of us, to include
Tom, e and multiple choice tests.

In other words, Tom was incapable of dialoguing withrmion theory.
and particuboson-slave

making and structured thinking.

      same drawings

the readymade
So i composed
through worm hole after worm hole.
and spiral order
fill a void or create an innovation for new needs.

although our electronic technology borders on magic,
our human technology of thinking,
connecting and interpersonal
understanding is out of date and incapable
of responding to the needs of a constant changing,
interconnected and increasingly complex society.

Radio of now a signals to conduct
ctive reveal ng GOT to there Radio
            ensure PLANE,
are and and psychic be Hams, TO of byS to conduct; or
provided a and are Instruction suggests at o0 an head that type andcollide

Pirate The beliefs,
that divided knowledge by asking for accountability of learning through the
use of true-false and multiple choice tests.

In other words, Tom was incapable of dialoguing witj e rg dfg0 dfg0 DAETH
has he connection

he didn't have devils in him though he was just mexican.


  1. Gorgeous. We'll always have Bosco.

    1. you are not talking about the cat I know called bosco, I presume?

    2. Nah. Cats come and go but cartoon characters hang on.

    3. these word assemblages are available in a small printed zine omnibus. WIth some NICEPICTURES. If you would like me to send you one, free, email me a postal address to toiletworldultragmailcom